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Over 20 years ago, a group of music-loving friends started getting together in each others’ homes on Saturday afternoons to sing popular songs, unaware that they were laying the groundwork for what is today the ALDEBARAN SINGERS.

They shared an ideal that has remained alive in ALDEBARAN: anyone who wants to sing can join, without having to be able to read music. You just have to have a desire to sing, have a little free time and an ear for music
Over the years, the members of the ALDEBRAN SINGERS have come, gone and sometimes come back again.

Only a few of the original members of the group remain, but the rest are still there in spirit and through bonds of friendship. In this time span, ALDEBARAN SINGERS have had over 60 people as members one time or another, and also several different professional Directors, who have contributed a broad and varied repertoire and provided training in individual and choral voice technique.

Our repertoire mainly consists of popular songs from different countries, our two recorded CDs containing songs from a number of different places and in a several different languages, including classical and popular, religious and non-religious music, expressing the broad range of sentiments of happiness, sadness, joy and melancholy of men and women and peoples in different parts of the world.

The ALDEBARAN SINGERS take joy in expressing the world’s cultural diversity through song, since diversity is what makes humankind able to grow. In addition to making music, the ALDEBARAN SINGERS join their voices together in appeals for solidarity, justice, peace and freedom for peoples living under the same firmament, in which the ALDEBARAN SINGERS are just one star among many.

The ALDEBARAN SINGERS have participated in many different choral festivals and concerts. These include concerts at the Madrid Medical Association, the Cultural Center of the City of Madrid, the Fernando de los Ríos Cultural Center, the Aniceto Marinas Cultural Center (Brunete), The Sirinix Cultural Association (Salamanca) and at over ten churches in Madrid Madrid.

The ALDEBARAN SINGERS have performed outdoors at places like the Retiro Park, the Juan Carlos I Park, the “La Vaguada” Shopping Center, the Egyptian Temple of Debod in Madrid and at the Atocha Train Station (in memory of the victims of the 3/11/04 train bombings in Madrid). The ALDEBARÁN SINGERS have recorded two CDs to benefit Intermon Oxfam, and have habitually participated in this organization’s annual festival.

The ALDEBARAN SINGERS’ most recent recitals were Christmas concerts at two different churches in Madrid during the month of December.